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Why you should consider thatch roofing - BM Thatchers

Why you should consider thatch roofing

Your roof offers shelter against the natural elements, so it is important that when you consider what type of roofing your home needs. Thatch roofing looks great on most types of homes and should definitely be on your list of roof considerations.

What is thatch roofing?

A house with thatch roofing has a roof made of natural, dry vegetation such as reeds, grass or straw. The vegetation is layered in a way that it protects the inside of the home from outside elements. It is a popular and cost-effective roofing option regardless of the climate.

Thatch roofing will give a building a rustic look and feel and the roofing itself is environmentally friendly.

Advantages of thatch roofing

A thatched roof offers great insulation, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Thatching requires minimum maintenance – no worries about rusty patches or broken tiles. B.M. Thatchers include the best treatment when installing thatch roofing so you won’t have to worry about birds stealing your thatching for their own nests. We’ll also ensure that the ridge of your roof is protected and kept watertight.

Thatch roofing has a long lifespan and might never need to be replaced. With the proper care and maintenance, your thatch roof will give you no sleepless nights.

The downside of thatch roofing

If your thatcher doesn’t treat the vegetation of your thatch roofing properly, weaver will strip the thatch and used the straw for their nests. Often, a plastic or metal mesh will be used to cover the thatch and keep the birds at bay.

Taking care of your thatch roofing

When done professionally by experts, such as B.M. Thatchers your thatch roofing will be virtually maintenance-free. There are a few things to do that ensures your thatch roofing stays in good condition.

Quick and regular inspection

Once your thatch roofing is installed, do a proper inspection to obtain a baseline of its condition that you can reference in future inspections. Check the underside of the roof along with the rafters and be sure to check the ridging to make sure the ridge covering is still in a good condition.

Look for little critters

Small animals and birds might want to make their homes in your thatch roofing or even steal it for their own nests. This can damage your thatching so call B.M. Thatchers as soon as you spot any holes or damage, particularly near the apex.

Talk to the thatch roofing specialists

If you are ready to change your existing roofing to thatch, fix your thatching or install thatch roofing on a new building, contact B.M. Thatchers for professional, expert services.

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